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Conflict resolution doesn't always mean the complete elimination of the problem. One should strive for fairness and understanding, taking responsibility where it's due.

Chapter 79

In settling a great dispute,
a dispute is sure to remain.
How can this be good?
Therefore, the sage holds the left tally,
and does not put the blame on others.
The virtuous take care of the tally,
The virtueless take care of the tax.
The Tao of Heaven has no favorites,
It is always with the good person.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

Let's draw on "12 Angry Men", the classic film about a jury deciding the fate of a defendant. They all rush to judgement, blaming the kid for the crime. Yet one man, played by Henry Fonda, decides not to join the blame game. He looks at the facts, seeks the truth, and in doing so, persuades the others to reevaluate their position. He isn't interested in winning the argument; he's interested in justice. Just like the Tao suggests, settling disputes isn't about winners and losers, it's about finding the path that brings the most peace.

Dudeism Abides

Even in the Dude's laid-back universe, disputes are inevitable. But when you find yourself in the thick of a problem, getting all riled up and blaming everyone else ain't gonna help, man. Better to take a step back, let the dust settle, and, like, see what you can do to fix the situation without getting all confrontational.

Tally in left hand,
No blame in this quiet land,
Peace finds where we stand.

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