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Leadership is about humility and service. Being a leader isn't about being on top, it's about being at the bottom, lifting others up, putting their needs before your own.

Chapter 66

The reason the River and the Sea can be king to a hundred valleys is that they excel in taking the lower position.
Hence they can be king to a hundred valleys.
Thus, if sages wish to rise above the people, they must speak as if they were inferior.
If they wish to lead the people, they must place themselves behind.
This is why the sages are above and yet the people do not feel burdened.
They are in front and yet the people do not feel harmed.
Therefore, the world happily supports them and does not tire of them.
Because they do not compete, nobody can compete with them.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

Consider the influence of the "Game of Thrones" series and particularly the character of Jon Snow. Despite his royal lineage, Jon does not strive to outshine or overpower others. He often chooses to serve, to be at the 'bottom', and yet others are drawn to him, choosing to follow him out of respect and admiration. His leadership style mirrors the Tao's teaching in this chapter. Jon Snow, much like the river and the sea, stands below yet leads.

Dudeism Abides

It's like being the rug that really ties the room together, man. You're there on the floor, people might walk over you, but you're actually doing an important job. You're creating harmony and peace, without making a big deal of it. That's the Dude way.

In leadership’s role,
Serve like Snow, gentle and bold,
Quiet strength takes hold.

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