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Tao is the inner reality, the unseen truth of all things, good and bad. It is a refuge, a guide, a teacher. It doesn't judge or dismiss; it includes and accepts all. When it comes to leadership, moral integrity and authenticity (rooted in the Tao) are more valuable than material wealth or prestige. The Tao gives without expecting anything in return; it's always available to those who seek it and always forgiving to those who stray from it.

Chapter 62

The Tao is the inner reality of all things, the treasure of the good person, and the protector of the person who is not good.
Fine words can be sold, respected conduct can impress people, but people who are not good, why abandon them?
Therefore, when appointing the leader of the country or the generals, it is better to offer this Tao instead of precious jade driven before four horses.
Why did the ancients value this Tao? Did they not say: "Those who seek will find, and those with guilt will not be faulted?" Therefore, it is the treasure of the world.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

The Tao is like the One Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. It's the hidden power that, when truly understood and embraced, can bring profound change and understanding. However, unlike the One Ring, the Tao doesn't corrupt or control - it guides and helps us understand our place in the grand scheme of things. It's there for all of us, regardless of whether we're like wise and humble Frodo Baggins or more like chaotic Gollum.

Dudeism Abides

In true Dudeist fashion, the Tao is a chill, understanding, and all-encompassing pal. Whether you've got your life together or you're more of a Walter, the Tao's there for you, man. When it comes to picking the right dude for a job, better to choose the one who gets this Tao thing than the one flashing the flashiest flash. Remember, man, the Tao's all about finding your own path and taking it easy - it's the rug that really ties the universe together.

All encompassing Tao,
Guides the lost, treasures the good,
The world's greatest gift.

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