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Knowing the origin and returning to the simple, the flexible, and the humble is the path to enduring wisdom and safety.

Chapter 52

The world had a beginning
And this beginning could be the mother of the world.
When you know the mother,
Go on to know the child.
After you have known the child,
Go back to holding fast to the mother,
And to the end of your days you will not meet with danger.
Block the openings,
Shut the doors,
And all your life you will not run dry.
Unblock the openings,
Add to your troubles,
And to the end of your days you will not be saved.
To see the small is to have insight.
To hold on to flexibility is to be strong.
Use the light
But return to your insight.
Do not bring calamities upon yourself.
This is the way of cultivating the constant.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

This chapter reminds me of the wisdom shared in Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" by Gandalf. Gandalf, like the Tao, advises us to remember our roots and value simplicity and humility. As he says to Frodo, "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." Just as Frodo must remember his humble origins and remain flexible on his journey, so too must we return to our humble beginnings and remain adaptable in order to navigate the world without calamity.

Dudeism Abides

Understand the roots, man. Keep it simple and flexible.

The mother, the child,
Path of humble, simple wild,
Wisdom reconciled.

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