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The Tao is the source and sustainer of all life, yet it does not seek to control or possess.

Chapter 51

The Tao gives birth to all beings, nurtures them, maintains them,
cares for them, comforts them, nourishes them, and covers them under its guidance.
Everyone respects the Tao and values its virtue.
They have not been ordered to do so, but they always do it spontaneously.
That's why the Tao gives life to them but does not own them,
it helps them to grow but does not rule them.
This is called the profound virtue.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

The Tao in this chapter is like Alfred Pennyworth from the Batman series. Alfred nurtures Bruce Wayne, gives him guidance and support, but he never seeks to control or possess Bruce. Alfred is there, a constant presence, helping and caring, but always allowing Bruce to make his own way. In the same way, the Tao sustains all life, providing without possessing, acting without expectation, leading without controlling.

Dudeism Abides

Let things be, man. Don't try to control or possess.

Tao, life's gentle guide,
Nurtures, asks not to abide,
Profound virtue's stride.

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