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Cultivating balance and simplicity in life reduces risks and dangers.

Chapter 50

Coming into life, entering death
The followers of life, three in ten
The followers of death, three in ten
Those whose lives are moved toward death
Also three in ten
Why? Because they live life of excess
I've heard of those who are good at cultivating life
Traveling the road, they do not meet rhinos or tigers
Entering the army, they are not touched by weapons
Rhinos have nowhere to thrust their horns
Tigers have nowhere to use their claws
Weapons have nowhere to admit their blades
Why? Because they have no place for death.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

This resonates with the message of the Beatles' song "Can't Buy Me Love". Just as the Beatles warned that money couldn't buy love, the Tao cautions that living a life of excess and desire can bring about its end. Living simply, in balance with nature, minimizes conflict and danger. Like the Beatles, we should seek the simple joys that can't be bought.

Dudeism Abides

Live simply, live safely.

Life in balance, grace,
No harm finds a resting place,
Death has no embrace.

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