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True virtue is effortless and without intention. Focus on the depth and real essence of things, rather than superficial appearances.

Chapter 38

High virtue is not virtuous,
Therefore it possesses virtue.
Low virtue never loses virtue,
Therefore it has no virtue.
High virtue takes no action and has no intention.
Low virtue takes action and has intention.
High benevolence takes action without intention.
High righteousness takes action with intention.
High etiquette takes action and, when no one responds,
It rolls up its sleeves and uses force.
Thus, when the Way is lost, there is virtue.
When virtue is lost, there is benevolence.
When benevolence is lost, there is righteousness.
When righteousness is lost, there is etiquette.
Etiquette is the thinnest shell of loyalty and sincerity
And the beginning of chaos.
Those who have knowledge of the Way,
Begin with the foolishness of the world.
Therefore, the great person dwells in depth,
Not in superficiality;
Dwells in the real, not in the superficial.
He leaves the superficial and chooses the real.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

The Matrix, a groundbreaking science fiction movie, invites us to question the nature of reality and the superficial world that surrounds us. Similarly, the Tao Te Ching teaches us that true virtue is effortless and without intention. It urges us to focus on the depth and real essence of things, rather than the superficial appearances that can be as deceptive as the simulated reality in The Matrix. By embracing the depth and real essence of the Tao, we can navigate life with greater clarity and wisdom.

Dudeism Abides

High virtue needs no action; low virtue needs it. Focus on depth, not superficiality. Choose the real over the fake.

Matrix of our world,
Seek depth, real essence of life,
True virtue revealed.

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