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The Tao is effortless yet accomplishes everything. Embrace simplicity and stillness, and the world will find balance.

Chapter 37

The Tao is always non-action,
Yet there is nothing it does not do.
If the ruler abides by this,
All things will transform themselves.
When desire arises, I will press it down
Using the uncarved simplicity.
The uncarved simplicity,
Without desire, brings stillness,
And the world settles by itself.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

The Tao, like water, is effortless and flows naturally without trying. It accomplishes everything without action, like the famous Beatles song, "Let It Be." When we embrace the simplicity and stillness of the Tao, we allow the world to find its balance. As leaders and individuals, we can draw inspiration from this teaching and cultivate a serene state of mind that allows us to navigate life without unnecessary struggle or desire.

Dudeism Abides

The Tao does without doing. Rulers can follow this and all will transform. Embrace simplicity, find balance.

Flowing like water,
Embrace "Let It Be" wisdom,
Simplicity reigns.

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