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Embrace the great image of the Tao, and the world will find peace. The true Tao is subtle and cannot be seen, heard, or exhausted.

Chapter 35

Hold the great image,
And the world will come.
They come without harm, in harmonious peace.
Music and food, passing travelers stop.
The Tao that is spoken out of the mouth is bland and without flavor.
Look at it, and it cannot be seen.
Listen to it, and it cannot be heard.
Use it, and it cannot be exhausted.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

Imagine the sensation of holding a warm cup of coffee in your hands, like a scene from the TV series "Twin Peaks." The comforting aroma and warmth emanate from the cup, inviting those around to gather and find harmony. The great image of the Tao is similar, drawing people together without harm and fostering peace. The true essence of the Tao is subtle and elusive, like the mysteries in "Twin Peaks" – it cannot be seen, heard, or exhausted, but its presence is felt and experienced.

Dudeism Abides

Hold the great Way, the world comes in peace. Subtle and unseen, the Tao cannot be exhausted.

Warm cup in our hands,
Draws people close, harmony,
Subtle, yet profound.

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