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Embrace simplicity, good actions, and speech; be a guide for others without judgment or exclusion.

Chapter 27

A good traveler leaves no tracks.
Good speech has no flaws.
A good accountant needs no counting sticks.
A good door needs no lock, yet no one can open it.
Good binding requires no knots, yet no one can loosen it.
Therefore, the wise take care of everyone
and abandon no one.
They take care of all things
and abandon nothing.
This is called "following the light."
What is a good person but a bad person's teacher?
What is a bad person but a good person's job?
If you don't understand this, you will get lost,
however intelligent you are.
It is the great secret.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

This chapter teaches us to embrace simplicity in our actions and speech, to be a guide for others without judgment or exclusion. By practicing kindness, understanding, and humility, we can foster harmony within ourselves and with those around us.

Dudeism Abides

Practice simplicity and goodness in your actions and words, and help others without judgment or exclusion.

Leave no trace behind,
Simplicity, kindness, guide,
Harmony is found.

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