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Embrace impartiality and balance.

Chapter 05

Heaven and Earth are impartial;
They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs.
The wise are impartial;
They see the people as straw dogs.
The space between Heaven and Earth is like a bellows.
The shape changes but not the form;
The more it moves, the more it yields.
More words count less.
Hold fast to the center.

What's Master DudeWay Say?

Just as Yoda from Star Wars teaches Luke Skywalker to find balance in the Force, we too must seek balance and impartiality in our lives. Recognize that everything is interconnected, and the more we stay centered, the better we can navigate life's challenges.

Dudeism Abides

Like the natural world, strive to maintain balance and harmony. Keep your cool and stay grounded in the present moment.

Impartial, balanced,
Embrace the spacious bellows,
Centered harmony.

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